Aloha! Here at Oceans Wax Studio, we provide the highest-level quality full-body waxing services with an unwavering commitment to affordability, efficiency, and comfort.

Things are done a little differently around here…

We use an all-natural, VEGAN, strip-less hard wax formula that contains absolutely NO polymers. (aka hot PLASTIC which is present in the majority of hard-wax formulas used by aestheticians today) This unique hard wax formula is the most gentle means of hair-removal possible and is biodegradable, cruelty-free, beeswax-free, paraben-free, synthetic fragrance-free (utilizing an all-natural essential oil blend) and excludes any dyes or coloring added.

Because what we put on and in our bodies matters!

Oceans Wax Studio is paving the way for vegan, natural, holistic hair-removal in the aesthetics industry.

“I strive to embody values on ecological responsibility, integrity, and customer service in every service provided and product utilized.”                      – Cecelia Rose a.k.a. ‘The Compassionate Waxer’

  • Judgement-free zone:  The goal is to ensure the customer feels safe and comfortable throughout the entire service experience. You will not be charged more for body shape/size, hair quality, or hair quantity. As the sole-proprietor and the Oceans Wax Studio aesthetician, Cecelia is the only waxer you’ll become acquainted with and she prides herself on making the customer feel at home.
  • Sustainability Practices: Every effort is made (in accordance with state laws and strict sanitation practices) to leave the least amount of waste behind after each service. Oceans Wax Studio has a goal to become ‘zero-waste’ in the future utilizing biodegradable, plastic-free products whenever possible. (The wax and disposable gloves, for example)
  • Botanical pre & post-wax skincare products: All of the skincare and waxes used are vegan. The cleanser, pre-depilatory oil, post-wax soothing cream, aloe, and talc-free powder all utilize plant-based essential oil blends meant to work in harmony with the skin and be non-irritating.