Aloha! Here at Oceans Wax Studio, we provide the highest-level quality full-body waxing services with an unwavering commitment to affordability, efficiency, and comfort.

Things are done a little differently around here…

We use an exclusive blend of the most high quality French strip-less waxes available, sourced locally from a fellow small business owner whom is a leader in the aesthetics industry. This unique hard wax formula can only  be found Oceans Wax Studio and is the most gentle means of hair-removal possible.

I strive to embody values on ecological responsibility, integrity, and customer service in every service provided and product utilized. 

  • Judgement-free zone:  The goal is to ensure the customer feels safe and comfortable throughout the entire service experience. You will not be charged more for body shape/size, hair quality, or hair quantity. As the sole-proprietor and the Oceans Wax Studio aesthetician, Cecelia is the only waxer you’ll become acquainted with and she prides herself on making the customer feel at home.
  • Sustainability Practices: Every effort is made (in accordance with state laws and strict sanitation practices) to leave the least amount of waste behind after each service. Oceans Wax Studio has a goal to become ‘zero-waste’ in the future.
  • Botanical pre & post-wax skincare products: All of the skincare, with the exception of the hard waxes used, are vegan. The wax is made from highly flexible polymers and beeswax is the only non plant-based ingredient here. A fully vegan option will be available in the near future! The cleanser, pre-depilatory oil, post-wax soothing cream, aloe, and talc-free powder all utilize plant-based essential oil blends meant to work in harmony with the skin and be non-irritating.